Don't Miss These Important Home Security Tips

Posted on: 28 December 2014


Your home's security is only as reliable as the most vulnerable point, so it's in your best interest to consider the entire property when you're addressing your security needs. Here are some tips to help you look at the big picture and ensure that your home and property are as secure as possible:

Start with an Alarm

The first thing you should consider when you're dealing with home security is installing an alarm system. A full-home alarm system with real-time monitoring is the best way to provide protection at all times. Although the alarm itself may not offer much in the way of physical protection, it does give you direct access to a dispatch center and emergency services.

In a neighborhood where some homes are protected by full alarm systems and others are not, the homes without an alarm system are the most likely targets. Additionally, basic alarm systems that can be disabled by simply clipping a wire or disconnecting a panel are easy to overcome. Opt for an alarm system that a would-be burglar would have to work at, because that increases the chances that he or she will inadvertently trigger the alarm.

Keep Your Windows Secure

Your doors are an obvious area that need to be included in your security system, but many homeowners overlook the importance of locking down the windows. Most window locks are easy to force open. If you replace the standard window locks with heavy-duty locks, that can make a significant difference.

Another inexpensive method for increasing your home security with double hung windows is to install security pins. Window security pins are thick, solid pins that you put into the window frame to prevent the window from being opened any further than an inch or so. That allows you to open the window for some air movement if you want without having the risk that a burglar can open it far enough to get in. If you don't want to invest in security pins, heavy nails are equally effective.

Protect the Perimeter

When you add security measures to the perimeter of your property, it can discourage would-be burglars from even getting close enough to your house to break in. One of the best ways to do this is to start with a high, thick wall or a strong fence. Although this is a good start, it's certainly not foolproof.

Maximize the protection of your perimeter security measures by adding some additional monitoring. Reinforce your fence, wall or gate by adding some surveillance cameras, motion sensors and flood lights to the area.

Most central alarm monitoring services provide you with around-the-clock monitoring in exchange for a monthly subscription. Find a service that will offer you direct emergency services dispatch as well as two-way communication. With an alarm system like this and the tips presented here, you can keep your home secure and protected from burglars.

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