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Bring Some Cool Features To Your Backyard Pond

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If your property wasn’t blessed with the beauty of a backyard pond, put in your own! A pond can really change the curb appeal as well as the atmosphere of your exterior spaces. Furthermore, it is easy and inexpensive to create your own water feature for your green space when you start with prefabricated pond liners: First, dig a hole slightly larger than your liner and a couple inches deeper than it needs to sit flush with the ground. Add a couple of inches of sand to the hole before sliding in the pond liner. This will help the liner settle naturally in the ground. Fill in the space around the liner with more soil or with some good-quality fill. Conceal or camouflage the lip of your pond liner with plants, rocks, or soil to create a natural-looking pond. Fill with water slowly and allow to settle before adding plants, foliage, or wildlife to your pond. Next, make some choices about the right features to add to make your pond the focal point of your property: Add some aquatic plants. If you choose a large enough pond, you may want to float some aquatic plants on the surface of the water for an intriguing, natural look. Some floating plants for a freshwater pond include water lettuce, water lilies, and fragrant water hyacinth. Give fish a home. Be wary of adding fish to your pond that are not native as this can cause problems with the environment if they are accidentally released to nearby water sources. A heavy rainfall is sometimes all that is needed to sweep your pond’s fish into a public water supply, which could lead to an invasion that could jeopardize native species. Sunfish are freshwater fish deemed safe for backyard ponds and that come in a huge range of vibrant colors. Find furnishings for your sanctuary. Set up a scene surrounding your pond to optimize the space and to thoroughly enjoy your new sanctuary. Invest in some lounge chairs, conversation tables, and unique yard art to create an extension of your living space that you love spending time in! A garden or backyard pond is the perfect project; it takes little time, cost, or effort, but the payoff is huge. Enjoy spending time with friends and family lounging by your pond or use it for a quiet retreat to meditate or read. Whatever you decide to do with your pond, enjoy adding features that make it your own and that bring an element of your own personality to your home’s green...

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School Fundraisers: Putting Together a Change War

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School fundraisers can be stressful for everyone. This includes teachers, kids, and parents. More often than not, fundraisers take a lot of time, return very little revenue, and aren’t a whole lot of fun. Luckily, there are some fundraisers out there that are the exact opposite of that, such as the change-war fundraiser. It will help bring in money for the school while requiring little extra time on most everyone’s part, and it will be fun, especially for the kids! What Exactly Is a Change War? With a change-war fundraiser, students will be divided into classes or grades. This really depends on the size of your school or how you want to do things. Then, you will set aside a time frame for them to bring in change donations. They will have a goal to meet, but they ultimately want to bring as much money as they can because they will have a prize to look forward to in the end. (You’ll need to choose whether to announce what this is or keep it a surprise.) For the final leg of the fundraiser, you will change things up and make things really fun for the students; this is what makes it a “war.” Rather than bringing change and putting it in their own class or grade jar, they will put it in other jars. At the end of the fundraiser, the money in the jars will be subtracted from their total amount. How to Make a Change War Work for Your School After brainstorming with other staff members and fundraising volunteers and determining that this type of fundraiser will work for your school, you can implement a plan to get the ball rolling. To help you get started, here are just a couple of the details that you’ll need to fine-tune. A Time Frame – Before you can start the change war, you will need to decide how long this fundraiser will last. It can last a week, a month, or a season—it’s completely up to you. So, you could start it shortly after school starts and end it at Halloween, or you can only run it the first week of October. You can run it through basketball season, or you can run it for the month of September. Determine a Goal and Reward – You are ultimately encouraging friendly competition, so you will need to set a goal for each class or grade. (The goal can be different and increase as the grade levels get higher, or the goals can remain the same for each grade.) This goal is going to encourage the competition among the students and will essentially promote the donations that come into the school. You can make it so that each class or grade that reaches or exceeds their goal gets a prize, but the class or grade that brings in the most donations will get a special surprise. This surprise can literally be a surprise, or it can be a known reward, such as an ice cream social or a local field trip to the roller-skating rink. Decide How Often Money Will Be Counted – If you are running the fundraiser for a week, then you will probably wait until the end of the fundraiser to count the money. However, if you will...

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Three Reasons To Consider Renting A Storage Unit

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Utilizing a storage unit can be helpful for almost anyone. However, you may not have had a specific reason to rent one in the past and you may not know what types of situations would call for you to consider renting one to make your life a bit easier. Here are three of the main reasons people decide to rent out a storage unit: You’re Selling Your Home:  If you are selling your home, then renting a storage unit can definitely help simplify your life at this point. This is because, before you move, you can use the storage unit to store away all non-essential items, such as knick-knacks, family photos, specific items of clothing, and certain pieces of furniture, as well. When you are able to do this, you are able to declutter your home, which makes it easier to show to potential home buyers. Plus, once you do sell your home, you most likely will only have a limited amount of time to get out. Since you won’t have so many belongings in your home, it will make it much easier to clear it out and move into your new home. You’re Moving to a Completely Different Space:  If you are moving from a three-bedroom home to a new three-bedroom home, then you are probably going to have room for all your current belongings. However, if you are moving from a three-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home or the square footage in the new space is significantly different, then you should consider renting a storage unit. This way you can place all non-essential items away before determining whether or not you have room in your new space for them. This gives you time to organize the space for all belongings, including furniture that you definitely want to keep, before deciding whether or not those other items have a place in the home. You’re Traveling:  When you decide to travel for an extended period of time, you may consider renting a storage unit. This is especially true if you decide to sell your home or stop renting your current apartment and travel before settling in a new space. This way, you are only paying the monthly fee for the storage unit instead of paying for both the storage and your rent or mortgage. Keeping everything in storage instead can definitely help you save money while traveling.  When you know these three reasons to consider renting a storage unit, you can have a better understanding of when renting one can come in handy for your specific life situation. Click to read more about your storage...

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Office Space Rental Ideas For Your Start-Up

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Office space is one of the recurring overhead costs that every business must cater for every month. For start-up companies, this cost can strain the minimal resources they have managed to acquire. Commercial property companies usually require you to sign a lease for a minimum period of years before they can rent out office space. This approach does not favor start-ups that do not have much capital at their disposal and are still hoping to grow. However, if you have a start-up business, you should not despair because there are creative ideas in the market that will help you in getting an ideal and cost-effective office space to rent. Some of these approaches are discussed below. Coworking centers One of the latest trends in terms of creative office rentals is coworking centers.  These centers are equipped with desks and all other utilities, such as Internet and bathroom facilities. You will be sharing this working space with people from numerous fields. The beauty with these coworking centers is that you can rent the space for hours, days, or months depending on your financial capability. This allows you to plan well and also reduces your rental overheads drastically. Coworking centers have become a hot trend among tech start-ups, freelancers, and professionals from the creative industry. Apart from the cost benefits, these works spaces allow professionals to mingle with others in the field and share ideas. Interacting with like-minded people can foster growth and collaboration among professionals. It is not difficult to find such centers because most of them advertise their services online. Executive suites Executive suites are another creative way of finding a cost-effective office rental for your start-up. These are fully furnished offices that are equipped with all the required amenities. The lease is usually on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that you do not sign a long-term agreement as is the case for normal rentals. You will not pay the security deposit, which requires a substantial amount of money. You will also save on the cost of contracting other essential utilities, such as Internet, telephone, and leasing equipment. In the current competitive environment, start-ups must think outside the box when it comes to office rentals. They still need to portray a corporate image and at the same time minimize their overhead costs and direct the savings into growing the business. Coworking centers and executive suites discussed above are some ideal office rental options for start-up companies.   For more information, contact professionals like Office Space Adviser...

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Two Copier Problems That You Need To Address

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The office copier is central to operations in many workplaces, perhaps more so these days where it may also play double duty as the office printer. Issues like frequent paper jams and low ink warnings may seem like routine problems, but they could be indicating a major maintenance lapse. The following guide will help you better understand these issues and what you should do to prevent them. Paper jams Jams are perhaps one of the most common complaints with a copier, and many people think it is just something one must expect and deal with. The fact is that a properly maintained and operated copier should rarely jam. The following will help prevent the issue: Open the machine and wipe out the paper dust that collects on the feeder rollers. A lint-free cloth is usually sufficient to this chore. Do this once daily if your machine is used heavily, or once a week for lightly used machines. Empty the paper tray or paper drawers and empty out any dust that collects. Do this each time you clean the rollers. Only use the weight of paper recommended for the specific machine. Always verify that there are no staples or paperclips on documents before feeding them through the load tray. Fan the paper before loading it so that the pages aren’t stuck together. This ensures they feed smoothly into the copier. Ink or toner issues The documentation for your copier should specify approximately how many documents it should handle before needing an ink replacement. Naturally, this number is not exact since ink use per page varies, but it is a good guide. If you find yourself replacing the cartridges more often, then you need to make sure the following maintenance is being done: Glass should be cleaned daily. Even small smudges can lead to ghosting on printed sheets, which causes you to go through ink more quickly. Check the cartridge nozzles for any build-up or gunk, and wipe them off carefully if you notice any build-up. This should be done daily, especially on machines that aren’t used heavily since dried ink can clog the cartridge. Only use manufacturer-approved cartridges. Some bargain cartridges can damage the copier or they may run out of ink more quickly than approved cartridges. If your copier is constantly jamming or going through ink, it is time to call a copy machine service technician. They can help diagnose the cause and repair the machine so you won’t end up with a full break-down. Contact a business, such as Peter Paul Office Equipment, for more information....

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3 Tips To Make Your Peace Corps Resume More Competitive

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Peace Corps applications are at a record high, with over 23,000 people applying in 2015. While this is great for the program, it can mean that qualified volunteers get turned away due to the increased interest in the program. If one of your dreams is to join the Peace Corps, it is important that you stand out as a candidate from the moment you submit your application. While experience and education are important, the way you display your past experience will also determine whether you secure an interview and a volunteer position. For the best chance at getting noticed, you should follow these three resume tips.  Consider a Skills Based Resume  Many Peace Corps volunteers serve fresh out of college, which means that they may not have a lot of professional experience. If you are such a candidate, you will want to use a skills based resume to highlight your relevant experience. This allows you to put your relevant personal and volunteer experience alongside your work experience in the main section of your resume. It can make your positive qualities more easily visible, which can make you stand out as a potential volunteer.  Some excellent examples of skills that you should include in your Peace Corps resume are leadership skills, tutoring skills, and multi-cultural skills.  Tailor Your Resume to the Volunteer Sector You Want  Many volunteers wonder if they should tailor their resume to the exact country and position that they want or if they should submit a broader, more general resume. The best option is to tailor your resume to the volunteer sector you want, such as youth development, health, or English teaching, rather than create a country-specific resume. Although the new application system allows you to select your preferred country of service and apply directly, volunteers who list that they are willing to go anywhere as one of their top choices are easier to place, which can improve your chances of getting chosen. If you select this option, it is better to have a slightly more general resume that can apply to multiple countries.  Have a Professional Look Over Your Resume  Although a resume is a short document, it is important in the application process. A professional resume writer can help you cut out clutter and add more relevant keywords to your resume. This can help your resume get noticed among more general resumes. While it is a good idea to have a friend look over your resume, paying for professional resume writing services can make your resume even more powerful.  For more information, contact Boca Writers or a similar...

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4 Reasons You Should Use Self Storage For Your College Dorm Room

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If you are cleaning up and packing your college dorm room, instead of lugging all the boxes back to your parent’s house, you should put them into a self-storage unit near your college campus. Here are four great reasons why self-storage is the best way to store your dorm room belongings over the summertime. #1 Great Way To Keep Your Belongings Safe The best reason to use a self-storage unit to store your dorm room belongings is because it is a great way to keep your things safe while you are away for the summer. You will not have to worry about transporting your belongings and keeping them safe all the way home; you’ll only have to drive them a short distance to the nearest storage facility near you. You can rent a climate-controlled storage unit, which will provide your belongings with the same kind of environment as your dorm room had. Additionally, most self-storage facilities have controlled entrances and security cameras to further secure your belongings and ensure that they are safe during the summer months. #2 You Only Pay For What You Need When you store your belongings in a self-storage unit, you will only have to pay for the storage you need. Many self-storage facilities offer month-to-month rental contracts, so you will not be stuck paying for a year of storage when you only needed three or four months. The ability to lease storage space on a month-to-month basis makes it a more affordable option. #3 You’ll Have More Room At Home If you purchased new bedding and bedroom accessories for your college dorm room, you are not going to have anywhere to put them but the garage when you get home. Renting a self-storage unit will save you from cramming your room at home full of extra stuff or from having to put your college stuff in your garage for the summer. #4 You Will Have More Flexibility With Finding Housing One of the big hurdles going from one year to the next in college is finding housing. If you are planning on moving out of the dorms and into an apartment or house, putting your belongings in storage gives you more flexibility to find the right housing for next school year. You will not have to feel pressed at the end of the school year to secure housing when you should be focused on your finals; you can store away your belongings and take your time to find housing for next year. It also takes away the stress of finding housing just so you have somewhere to store your stuff; you can take your time and find the right roommates and living arrangement when you have your belongings in store. When you pack up your college dorm this year, store the contents in a self-storage facility like I-70 Self...

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Remove Coffee Stains From A Velvet Lounge Chair

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A velvet lounge chair can be restored to its original condition if it has coffee stains on its surface by completing the project below. Once the fabric has been treated, prevent it from becoming soiled again so that it continues to provide you with a comfortable and attractive spot to sit. Materials lint-free cloths cleaning solution (made with dish detergent, white vinegar, and water) spray bottle soft-bristled scrub brush dry cleaning solvent hairdryer  Treat The Stains With A Homemade Cleaning Solution If any fresh stains are present and the velvet is still wet, blot up as much liquid as possible with a lint-free cloth. Do not scrub the cloth back and forth over the fabric, however. This could cause liquids to spread and create larger stains. Add equal parts of dish detergent, white vinegar, and water to a spray bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously to mix the contents. Spray each dry coffee stain on the velvet’s surface with a liberal amount of the cleaning solution. Wait a few minutes for the solution to penetrate the fibers. Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to help loosen the stains. Remove any cleaning solution that remains on the fabric with a damp cloth. If any of the stains do not respond to the homemade solution, apply a small amount of dry cleaning solvent to each one. After the solvent soaks into the affected areas for a couple minutes, use a scrub brush to help lighten each stained area. Wipe away excess solvent with a damp cloth. Dry The Velvet Upholstery And Fluff Up Flattened Fibers Dry the damp fabric with a hairdryer that is set to a high setting. Hold the dryer several inches away from the lounge chair as you move it back and forth. Once the fabric feels dry to your touch, fluff up flattened fibers that make up the fabric with a clean scrub brush that has soft bristles. Move the brush in the same direction as the fabric’s pile. Maintain The Velvet Lounge Chair The lounge chair will be restored to its original condition. Protect it from further staining by purchasing a fitted cover that is made out of plastic and placing it over the chair if you are going to be sitting in it while eating or drinking. Otherwise, freshen up the fabric on a regular basis by cleaning it with mild detergent mixed with water. Dry the fabric as soon as you are finished.  If your chair is stained or damaged beyond your ability to fix it, contact a company that does specialty furniture restoration for...

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What You Should Know About Temp Agencies

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If you are currently looking for a job but having difficulty finding one, you might want to consider going to a temporary employment agency, such as Bishop & Company Inc. Temp agencies make it easy to apply and will help you find a job so you don’t have to search as much on your own. However, before you make this decision, it is good to learn a little more about temp agencies and how they work. You Work For the Agency Many people that first start working for a temp agency get confused about who their employer is. While the agency will send you to different companies to work temporary or short-term assignments, these are not your employers. They will not prepare your payroll and don’t have anything to do with calling in sick or taking time off. The temp agency is going to issue your paychecks and should be the one you contact first if you need to miss a day of work. However, the companies you are sent to work for will give you instructions on the duties you perform. The Type of Job is Up to You Another thing to keep in mind is that the temp agency is able to choose jobs based on your preferences. During the interview process, be as specific as possible about what you are looking for. If you are desperate for work, it is a good idea to be open-minded, but you don’t have to take every assignment they call you about. Be honest about the type of company and size of company you would prefer, the areas you are willing to travel to, your ideal work schedule, and even industries you would prefer. This allows the temp agency to fit you with assignments closer to your ideal job instead of calling you about every single job you are qualified for. Benefits Are Sometimes Unavailable Many people believe that working for a temp agency means you are denied benefits since you only work part-time or on temporary assignments. However, many employment agencies now offer medical and dental insurance, or paid time off, for employees who work for them consistently. They might have a rule about the number of hours to work before getting benefits or having worked a full-time schedule for a certain period of time. This allows you to get many of the same benefits regular, full-time employees would get for any particular company.  Consider visiting a local employment agency to help you find a job you are qualified...

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Scaring Customers: 4 Phrases Customer Service Representatives Need To Avoid

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When it comes to the success of any business, there must be a strong, personal connection with customers. While this is sometimes achieved in person, face-to-face, some businesses achieve this over-the-phone with positive words and a warm tone of voice. When a frustrated customer calls in and a customer service representative uses a negative tone and poorly-worded phrase, the situation is likely to escalate and the caller will not leave the conversation feeling satisfied. Therefore, your representatives need to make sure that they avoid these phrases when dealing with customers and replace them with the ones provided: “I don’t know or I have no idea.” When a customer ask a question, the absolute last thing that they want to hear is that the person who is supposed to have the answer doesn’t even if it’s the truth. So, if you do not know the answer to a question that a caller asks you or if you’re uncertain what the exact answer is, don’t say that you have no idea, you’re not sure or you just flat-out don’t know. Instead, let them know that you’re more than happy to find out for them by saying, “That is a wonderful question and I would be delighted to find out the answer for you.” “No problem at all.” While this isn’t necessarily a terrible phrase, it can be construed as a bit negative. This is particularly true when there are so many better, more positive alternative phrases that can be used. For example, rather than saying, “No problem,” you should simply try saying, “You are so welcome,” “Gladly,” or “It’s my pleasure.” You will be amazed at just how far these positive words can go in making a customer happy. “You will need to…” This particular phrase seems outright cold and somewhat demanding, which is not how you want to come across with a customer. You don’t want to demand or tell your customers what they must or need to do. Instead, you want to guide them in the right direction and explain to them what may be ideal. So, you may want to say, “The most ideal way to do that is to…” or “The best way to….”. “Hold please.” Sure, you said “please,” which makes it better than “just one sec,” but it isn’t enough to make this phrase polite. For one, you’re making a command with this statement. Secondly, this phrase makes it seem as if you’re not waiting for a response from the customer before moving forward. So, your first step is to ask if you can place them on hold by saying, “May I please place you on hold for just a moment while I check into this further?” Your second step is to wait for the customer to answer before actually pressing the hold button. If you’re looking for a live answering service to handle calls for you, visit Security Services Northwest,...

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