Harnessing The Power Of Air: Air Compressor Accessories Every Woodworker Should Have

Posted on: 28 December 2014


It is no secret that the right air compressor can be one of the most valuable tools in a woodworker's garage. You can use your air compressor for everything from keeping dust at bay when you are using a saw to power air nailers that are an all out must for some projects. However, there are a few tools that every woodworker should have in their air compressor accessory collection. Some of these have been around for a while, while there are others that are fairly new concepts. Regardless of their age, these tools are definitely worth your consideration as they will make a lot of difficult woodworking tasks much easier to achieve.

Air Powered Caulking Gun

When you are implementing glass into a piece of wooden furniture, caulking or sealant of some kind is an absolute must. When the finished aesthetic appeal is so important, a hand operated caulking gun can be the wrong choice for this task. The air powered caulking gun can provide you with the continuous pressure to apply a seamless bead of caulking every time you use it. The air hose hooks directly to the back of the gun and no special caulking tubes have to be used, contrary to popular belief.

Air Powered Chisels

For centuries, the average woodworker could spend hours chiseling out pieces of wood bit by bit for construction purposes or design details. However, modern air powered chisels make this task seem like a snap to achieve. When connected to an air compressor, the chisel can be fitted with various tips to get precision accuracy controlled with just the push of a button. This not only allows you to finish chiseling jobs much faster, but with accuracy that is hard to match with overworked hands using a regular chisel and tap.

Air Induced Sander

The air sander may not be the most recent innovation, but it remains one of the most highly sought after when it comes to air compressor tools and accessories. The biggest selling point of the air sander is that it provides continuous, even operation, at a certain speed level, which is not always a possibility with traditional electric sander designs. Air sanders are available in both rotary and belt forms. 

By adding a few tools to your air compressor accessory collection, you will find that woodworking tasks that have been time consuming and trying in the past are much easier to tackle. These three will get you well on your way to a new direction in your woodshop. Contact a tool company like Idaho Tool & Equipment to get help with finding the right tools.