Having A St. Patrick's Day Party To Remember

Posted on: 7 January 2015


Now that a new year has begun, one of the next big holidays waiting right around the corner is St. Patrick's Day. Many people enjoy this holiday to the fullest and you can get in on the action by holding your own St. Patrick's Day party at your bar or restaurant. Here are some of the things you will want to do to make this advance planning work to your benefit to have a successful event.

Advertise The Event

Start advertising that you will be holding a large party for the holiday about a month in advance. This will give your patrons ample time to make plans for babysitters or to remedy scheduling conflicts. You will want to have some large posters on the walls of your establishment so that regular customers will be aware that there will be an event held soon. Consider taking out an advertisement in a local newspaper or radio to further get the word around.

Purchase Party Decorations

St. Patrick's Day is a themed holiday where you cannot skimp on decorations. Everyone will be looking for an abundance of green items so you will want to make sure that you are prepared. Turn to the Internet for help in buying party decorations. There are many party stores that offer discounts for party supplies and if you buy them in bulk you will get a big discount on what you will end up paying. You usually cannot get these deals in a brick and mortar store, so online shopping is recommended. 

Purchase plenty of decorations, from companies like Victory Corps Flags Floats & Events, that can be hung on walls on from the ceilings so that when people walk in the door they will be greeted with an Irish extravaganza. This will set the mood for a night of fun. Have some extra hats, glasses, and necklaces available as giveaways so that no one feels left out if they have forgotten to dress the part.

Hire Entertainment

You will want to have Irish music available to enjoy on the day of your party. You can hire a disc jockey and ask them to play Irish music for the night or you can see if there is a local Irish band available for hire. Perhaps you can find an Irish dancing group to come in. Make sure that the music you have played incorporates a taste of the Irish heritage.