Raising Toddlers? 4 Reasons To Order Embroidered Shirts For Your Little Ones

Posted on: 7 January 2015


Each period of childhood comes with its own unique set of advantages and challenges. Toddlers are inquisitive and adorable, but they can also be fiercely independent and prone to tantrums. Luckily, making simple wardrobe changes can help make life easier for everyone in the household. Here are four great reasons to request T-shirt embroidery for your kiddos, whether you're raising twins or have several toddlers who are a year or two apart in age.

Prevent Arguments

There's a good chance that "mine" is one of the most frequently used words by your toddlers. You know that you bought the train tee for your youngest and the robot shirt for your middle child, but they aren't convinced. Silence arguments by embroidering each toddler's full name or initials on their favorite shirts. If your toddlers can't read yet, then ask the embroiderer to use a familiar symbol, such as a star or a heart, that your little ones will recognize easily.

Organize Drawers

When you're half asleep and don't have time to chug down a mocha latte before you get everybody out the door, it can be difficult to remember who wears what. Instead of frantically rummaging through your toddlers' drawers to find the right-sized tees, rely on custom embroidery to help you quickly grab the right pieces of clothing. Embroidery also helps your kids' preschool teachers remember which clothing they own, so you don't have to worry about your children coming home in outfits they don't own if they get messy during art class or snack time.    

Practice ABCs

Do your toddlers know all of the letters from the alphabet? Help them learn to identify their ABCs — and keep them distracted during appointments or mealtime — by encouraging them to look at the embroidered letters on each others' shirts. Ask the embroidery specialist to stick with capital letters at first so that your children do not get confused by the lowercase letters.

Encourage Help with Chores

Toddlers are old enough to help with simple household chores, and many of them are eager to assist Mom and Dad around the home. After you remove a load of clothes from the dryer, have your toddlers dig through the basket and take out all of the shirts with their name. They can fold these pieces and set them aside so you can put them away later. Alternately, you can fold all of the clothing yourself and then have your kids put their pieces in the correct drawers or section of the closet.

Toddlers like knowing that they own something that only belongs to them. You can't request embroidery for all of the cars and dolls in their toy box — although that would be awesome — but you can order customized T-shirts for your little ones. Talk to a company like Mountain Screen Impressions, Inc. about your family's needs to learn more about your embroidery options.