Executive Coaching For Leading The Technical Support Industry

Posted on: 16 January 2015


As the technical support industry expands to reach a wider audience, the need for a forward-thinking, innovative leadership cadre becomes more apparent. There are an endless number of technical support business and solo contractors out there, but what sets your business angle apart from the next leader?

Executive coaching can help you look through not only your current technology industry ventures, but how to keep your problem solving and feature building skills ready for any future tech industry challenge.

Know Your Clientele's Tech Habits

The technical support industry is driven by the gadgets and tools that consumers buy every year. Every computer, program or video game system comes with a set of challenges that can catch the standard technical support company unawares.

Technical support companies can fall into a rut of dealing with common problems in an assembly line-like process. New viruses come out every day, but the process stays relatively the same for everyone in the industry. It isn't until a new gadget enters the market that business begin to buckle and fall against consumer demand.

You need to lead your team into tackling these new devices, programs and challenges by promoting an atmosphere of loving new devices. Everyone in your company needs to have at least a passion for technology, but you need to think beyond simple excitement. If your newest tech support hires can't afford new gadgets, how can they help customers?

Sponsor prototypes and test models for your team. If they need to support the gadgets, make sure that they can take the new items home for testing of the most earnest kind: regular use. Instead of forcing employees to be excited about a foreign concept, they can simply learn through immersion and at least know what their customers are going through.

Atmosphere Is A Wind, Not A Wall

As you promote a new atmosphere in your technical department, be careful with the way you inspire others. You're in charge, but the way you take charge can mean the difference between an agreeable, productive team and a resentful, transient contractor environment.

For many employees, policy changes are merely things that need to be done to stay employed. Instead, try to show how your ideas enhance not only customer happiness and your image, but the benefits that they can enjoy as well.

Show how their continued training and understanding of new products can enhance their careers. Whether they continue their careers with your project or move on to new business ventures, make sure that your part in their career was a positive one. When your employees see personal development as a way up presented by you, you'll enjoy better client happiness and a more productive project.

To gain insight into your unique leadership direction, an executive coaching expert.