4 Tips For Encouraging Good Health In Your Workplace

Posted on: 20 May 2015


Encouraging good health in the workplace is important. Healthy employees miss less work and get more done while they're at work, so it will be beneficial for your company. Plus, you can feel good about making changes in your employees' lives. These are just four of many ways that you can work toward encouraging good health among your employees.

1. Bring in a Water Cooler

If you haven't already put in a water cooler in your office, now is the  time to do so. After your initial investment, replacing the filled water bottles in your cooler doesn't cost much. However, having cold water on tap in the office helps encourage employees to sip on water all day long, which is obviously important for good health. Contact a local provider, like Hagerman Valley Spring Water LLC, to find the best options for your office.

2. Swap Out Your Vending Machines

Do your office vending machines feature unhealthy candy bars, chips and other similar snacks? If so, consider swapping out your vending machines for machines from distributors who offer healthier snacks, like trail mix and granola bars. At the very least, talk to the person who stocks the machine, and ask for snacks like popcorn or nuts rather than the traditional, unhealthy options.

3. Create a Walking Track

Even a few minutes of walking each day can help encourage good health among your employees. Consider creating a walking track around the outside perimeter of your place of business or elsewhere on your property, and encourage employees to walk on their breaks. You could also create a friendly competition, or you could offer perks to those who walk a certain number of minutes or miles each week; or example, employees who walk for 15 minutes each day of the workweek might be able to leave work 15 minutes early on Fridays.

4. Discourage Smoking

Consider making your workplace a smoke-free zone. If you do allow smoking on the premises, make sure that there is a designated area that is as far away from entrances and community areas as possible. You can also try offering smoking cessation assistance, such as offering to chip in on smoking cessation aids.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to encourage good health in the workplace. Follow these tips, and you can feel good in knowing that you're doing what you can for your employees. Plus, you might see fewer sick days and healthier employees over time if you implement these ideas.