Home Business Basics | A Look At Restrictions And Other Signage Issues

Posted on: 8 July 2015


When the world of your own home-operated business and your living quarters collide, there can be a lot of special considerations and guidelines that can be of concern to you as both a home and business owner. One of the special considerations is signage. Just about every business, except those solely operated online, will have a sign of some form on its premises. Signs tell people where and who you are, among many other things. Your home business may need a sign, but placing business signs on residential property can turn out to be somewhat of a hassle. 

You May Have to Obtain a Sign Permit

Depending on where you live, you may have to initially apply for a sign permit to erect any type of sign on your private property even though it is a business. For example, in Fairfax County, Virginia, private property owners must pay a $95 fee for application when they want to place a sign on their business property. A new permit even has to be obtained with every new sign that you have installed. 

Some Types of Signs May Not Be Permitted At All

Even if you can apply for a permit in your neighborhood to install a business sign, you may not be able to display any type of sign that you choose. You may be limited to only a specific type of sign, such as a ground sign or a sign on the front door. Most places typically have stricter regulations about massive signs with lighting or those that stand several feet in the air. 

Even if Permitted, Your Signs May Not Be Welcome

You may have taken the appropriate steps to make sure you stay within the zoning laws and restrictions and obtain the necessary permits, but this does not mean that any business sign will be a welcome sign in your neighborhood. If you have close neighbors, they may consider the sign an eyesore that brings down the value of their home or even a distraction to drivers. All of these concerns should be addressed before sign installation to avoid conflict in the future. 

When you get to know some of the hassles that you can run into when you try to put signs up at your home business, it is a lot easier to get yourself prepared and make the right decisions. If you have questions and concerns about the types of signs you should be using at your home-based business location, talk to the local department of planning and zoning in your area.