Choosing The Best Window Tint For Your Business

Posted on: 6 August 2015


If you are considering having tint applied to the windows in your business, you want to make sure you go with the best tint for your needs. Choosing the wrong tint can make the inside of your business have the wrong vibe and it may even cost you to lose some customers. Keep the tips in this article in mind when you are trying to choose the right type of tint for the windows in your business:

Consider the privacy of your clients

If you own a business where your clients would appreciate a little more privacy, such as a bail bonds business or a check cashing business, then you should consider a mirror tinting. This will block some of the sun's rays from penetrating in the office and give the look of a mirror on the outside. With this type, people walking by won't be able to look right in at your clients.

If you own a business where you want people walking by to see in, such as a nice deli or coffee shop, then you should avoid the mirror tint and instead go for a nice soft tint. This way, people passing by your establishment will be able to see the nice ambiance you have in the business and be persuaded to come inside.

Consider the number of windows

If your establishment lacks windows, you should go with a very light tint. This will allow you to cut down on some of the harsh rays that can heat up the inside of your business, while allowing enough in to still offer you a nice, natural lighting. Using more natural lighting can help you to cut down on your electric bill since you won't need to use as much indoor lighting.

If there are a lot of windows, a light tint may still allow too much light to come in. If your business has your clients sitting near the windows, such as in a restaurant, too much light coming in at certain times can make for a very unpleasant experience.

Once you decide on the best tint for your establishment, it's best if you have it put in by a professional company like Pacific Tinting. Window tint can be very hard to apply and if you aren't careful you can be left with tint that has a lot of wrinkles and bubbles in it. This will give your business an unprofessional appearance.