Keep Your Items In Good Condition While Renting A Storage Unit

Posted on: 22 September 2015


If you are preparing to drop some of your belongings off at a storage unit, it is important to get everything ready so that they will stay in great shape while stored. It can be frustrating to return to your storage unit, only to discover that some things have been dirtied or damaged beyond repair. By taking some time to get everything ready for storage, you can ensure that all your items are put into the unit in good shape and will not be at a higher risk of damage.

Allow Everything to Dry Completely Before Storing

Camping supplies, washed clothing, and other seasonal items may still be damp when you get ready to put them into storage. The problem with this is that moisture can lead to mildew growth, making it so important that you allow all your items to dry entirely before being put into storage. Making sure to dry everything first and keeping any moisture out of the unit will ensure that mold and mildew will not be an issue.

Protect Linens and Fabric from the Elements

Fabric sofas, curtains, and other linens can be a problem if you simply put them into the storage unit without protection. Clothing and smaller pieces of fabrics should always be stored in plastic containers or bags and larger pieces of furniture should be covered to keep dust and other debris off.

Carefully Choose the Ideal Packaging for Your Items

When picking packaging to put your belongings in, you will need to find a good balance of something that will keep them clean and also allow them to breathe in the storage unit. Avoid cardboard and cling wrap, for example, and opt for sturdy plastic containers for easy storing.

Plan for the Heating and Cooling in the Unit

Another good way to keep the contents of your storage unit in good shape is to get climate control hooked up. This will help prevent the items in your storage unit from becoming too warm or cold and also help keep the air circulating.

Add Some Form of Air Fresheners

Your storage unit can begin to smell bad due to stagnant air if you do not visit the unit often, making it a good idea to get air fresheners in the unit. Baking soda, reed diffusers, and scented wood bowls are all smart ideas for DIY air fresheners that can be used in a storage unit.

Getting your items in an affordable storage unit takes some preparation so that you will not return to the unit later and find items damaged or in poor shape. Working on freshening up the unit and carefully packaging everything will ensure that your unit is a safe place for either short-term or long-term storage. Click here for more info on storage tips.