Keep Order In Your Storage Unit With These Tips

Posted on: 8 December 2015


When you make the decision to put some of your belongings into a storage unit, you may think nothing of labeling the boxes and tossing them into the unit. However, without the following tips, you might be unable to find things right away. Here are some ways to keep order in your storage unit.

Use Colored Tape for Boxes

While you may label your boxes, it can be hard to read your handwriting from far away. To make things even easier to recognize, consider using colored tape to mark your boxes. For instance, you might put all bathroom items in boxes marked with orange tape, while putting all your kitchen items in boxes marked with pink tape.

If you color-code your boxes, you'll get a better idea of where you should go when you open that unit door. If you are looking for a toothbrush holder, you'll head toward the boxes with orange tape instead of taking a detour elsewhere first.

Draw a Unit Map

Another way to keep track of all your things inside the storage unit is to draw a simple map of your unit once you've moved everything in. A map can be an easy way to know where to go for whatever you need, especially if your unit is packed. You might not be able to see all the color-coded boxes at once, so a map can help you know the general area of the things you are trying to find.

You might want to keep your map just inside the door of the unit, but if you do so, any intruder will be able to use the map as well. Instead, take the map with you and keep it somewhere safe in your home.

Write an Inventory List

Writing down every single thing in each box might take a long time, but it can save you time when you are looking for a particular item in your storage unit. Not only that, but keeping the list with you might save you a trip as well. If you think that a copy of your house deed is in the storage unit, for instance, you can look at the inventory list and see whether it is actually inside the unit or not. If not, you can keep searching without having to take a trip down to your unit to check.

Now that you know some ways to keep your things in order when you're renting a storage unit, use the information laid out in this article to help you do that. Be sure to consult someone at a storage unit rental company, such as Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, to get more suggestions.