3 Essential Items That You Will Need To Go Along With Your Moving Boxes

Posted on: 12 January 2016


When it comes to moving, you likely know that moving boxes are going to be an essential item for you, but what you may not know is that there are other items that will need to go along with your moving boxes and they are just as essential. Thankfully, moving companies know just how important these items are and they generally carry a good variety of them. Moving with a moving company will allow you to not only get the boxes that you need but also these added supplies as well. This article will discuss 3 essential items that need to go along with your moving boxes. 

Wardrobe Bars

If you have clothes that you want to remain hanging, then you have no need to worry when you are moving. There are boxes that are specifically created to hold your clothes, and all that you need to put in them before hanging your clothes is a wardrobe bar. This is a metal bar that is secured in place at the top of the tall box and it holds hangers quite well. The length of the box gives your clothes plenty of room to hang down and the bar ensures that your hangers will not fall to the bottom of the box.

Bubble Wrap

It can be really scary putting all of your breakable items into boxes and trusting them to stay whole as they are moved. One essential item that can help to keep your fragile items safe as they are being moved is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a plastic wrap that is reinforced with bubbles in the plastic that help protect your items. If you have a breakable item, you will want to encompass it entirely in the bubble wrap before placing it in the box. There are also some moving boxes that are already lined with bubble wrap on the inside, creating even more of a secure cushion for your breakable items. 

Packing Peanuts

Even if an items is wrapped in bubble wrap it may still need some extra support to ensure that it doesn't move around inside of the box when it is being carried, driven, or otherwise transported. Packing peanuts can be poured in on the bottom of a box if you want support on the bottom of the box as well. They are then poured in on top once all of the items have been put into place, securely them quite safely in place.

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