5 Tips for Making Your Newborn's Mattress Last through Their Childhood

Posted on: 2 February 2016


Having a child is one of the most expensive decisions that a couple can make. It will be necessary to take care of a child from the beginning of his or her development through to adulthood. Although many expenses are inevitable, you can do things a bit differently to maximize the value that you get from your purchases.

It is natural for parents to go through several mattresses in their child's upbringing, but with proper planning, you can get away with purchasing just one and not have to make any sacrifices.

Get a Twin Mattress for the Nursery

The most important step of accomplishing this goal is getting a twin mattress. It might seem a little strange to furnish the nursery with a twin bed, especially when your baby is going to be quite small, but it is the only way to ensure that it can last him or her throughout childhood.

Use Baby Rails to Imitate a Crib

When you provide your baby with a bed, you can get any twin bed frame, as long as you are willing to equip it with baby rails. These rails will give crib-like qualities to the bed, which is just what you need.

Invest in a Waterproof Cover

Liquids can soak into a mattress and cause long-term damage, so you want to avoid this situation. Babies, toddlers, and even young kids are unpredictable, which makes getting a waterproof mattress cover the only surefire way to prevent the twin mattress from absorbing any liquids.

Turn the Mattress Regularly

If you want to preserve the mattress, you have to rotate it on a quarterly basis. Although you might think that the mattress gets enough rest throughout the day, excessive wear and tear will still occur, which will reduce its lifespan and possibly lead to needing a new mattress before your kid reaches adulthood.

Remove the Rails in the Future

Each baby develops at different times, so you should not rely on any set time to remove the rails. However, once they have become a toddler, they can generally climb over the rails without much trouble. It is around this age that you should consider removing the rails as they no longer provide safety.

Taking care of a single mattress for 18 years might seem like an impossible task, but it is possible to accomplish when you start taking proper care of the mattress as soon as it enters your home. To find a suitable twin mattress, contact a representative from a company like West Coast Mattress.