Why A Pressure Washer Stops Removing Dirt In A Powerful Manner

Posted on: 21 February 2016


Does your pressure washer suddenly not remove dirt as effectively as it once was able to? The problem with the equipment likely stems from it having a decreased flow of water pressure, which means that replacement parts or a new pressure washer is needed. This article will discuss some of the possible things that may be causing your pressure washer to not release water with enough power to sufficiently remove dirt as it should be able to.

Something is Wrong with the O-Ring

When the amount of water pressure has decreased, it is a sign that the O-ring is problematic. An O-ring is a part that is located on the spray tip areas of the hose. The purpose of the O-ring is to prevent water from leaking out as it is being released to wash away dirt. In order for the O-ring to do its job, it must be in a good enough condition to create a seal around the spray tip that is airtight. It is possible that the O-ring is in need of being tightened, or it might need to be replaced with a new one because it is old and worn out.

The Pump Motor is Malfunctioning

One of the most important parts of a pressure washer is the pump. The reason a good pump is needed for a pressure washer to work effectively is due to it being the part in which powerful levels of water pressure is produced. The pump can malfunction and not perform its job when the motor that powers it up has stopped working. If you have an old pressure washer, it is possible that the motor has become rusty and need a replacement. However, dirt can also cause the motor to malfunction and affect the pump, which can be cleaned by a technician.

You Need to Replace the Hose

The main thing that can lead to the hose needing to be replaced is when it has a leak. Trying to remove dirt with a leaking hose may not be done in a satisfactory manner because the pressure is reduced as water leaks out. The best way to determine if there is a leak in the hose is by powering up the equipment and examining each area of the hose for leaks as water is flowing through it. Give a visit to a pressure washer dealer to invest in the parts that you need to bring the flow of water back to a powerful level.

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