Remove Coffee Stains From A Velvet Lounge Chair

Posted on: 6 May 2016


A velvet lounge chair can be restored to its original condition if it has coffee stains on its surface by completing the project below. Once the fabric has been treated, prevent it from becoming soiled again so that it continues to provide you with a comfortable and attractive spot to sit.


  • lint-free cloths
  • cleaning solution (made with dish detergent, white vinegar, and water)
  • spray bottle
  • soft-bristled scrub brush
  • dry cleaning solvent
  • hairdryer 

Treat The Stains With A Homemade Cleaning Solution

If any fresh stains are present and the velvet is still wet, blot up as much liquid as possible with a lint-free cloth. Do not scrub the cloth back and forth over the fabric, however. This could cause liquids to spread and create larger stains. Add equal parts of dish detergent, white vinegar, and water to a spray bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously to mix the contents. Spray each dry coffee stain on the velvet's surface with a liberal amount of the cleaning solution. Wait a few minutes for the solution to penetrate the fibers.

Use a soft-bristled scrub brush to help loosen the stains. Remove any cleaning solution that remains on the fabric with a damp cloth. If any of the stains do not respond to the homemade solution, apply a small amount of dry cleaning solvent to each one. After the solvent soaks into the affected areas for a couple minutes, use a scrub brush to help lighten each stained area. Wipe away excess solvent with a damp cloth.

Dry The Velvet Upholstery And Fluff Up Flattened Fibers

Dry the damp fabric with a hairdryer that is set to a high setting. Hold the dryer several inches away from the lounge chair as you move it back and forth. Once the fabric feels dry to your touch, fluff up flattened fibers that make up the fabric with a clean scrub brush that has soft bristles. Move the brush in the same direction as the fabric's pile.

Maintain The Velvet Lounge Chair

The lounge chair will be restored to its original condition. Protect it from further staining by purchasing a fitted cover that is made out of plastic and placing it over the chair if you are going to be sitting in it while eating or drinking. Otherwise, freshen up the fabric on a regular basis by cleaning it with mild detergent mixed with water. Dry the fabric as soon as you are finished. 

If your chair is stained or damaged beyond your ability to fix it, contact a company that does specialty furniture restoration for assistance.