3 Tips To Make Your Peace Corps Resume More Competitive

Posted on: 14 June 2016


Peace Corps applications are at a record high, with over 23,000 people applying in 2015. While this is great for the program, it can mean that qualified volunteers get turned away due to the increased interest in the program. If one of your dreams is to join the Peace Corps, it is important that you stand out as a candidate from the moment you submit your application. While experience and education are important, the way you display your past experience will also determine whether you secure an interview and a volunteer position. For the best chance at getting noticed, you should follow these three resume tips. 

Consider a Skills Based Resume 

Many Peace Corps volunteers serve fresh out of college, which means that they may not have a lot of professional experience. If you are such a candidate, you will want to use a skills based resume to highlight your relevant experience. This allows you to put your relevant personal and volunteer experience alongside your work experience in the main section of your resume. It can make your positive qualities more easily visible, which can make you stand out as a potential volunteer. 

Some excellent examples of skills that you should include in your Peace Corps resume are leadership skills, tutoring skills, and multi-cultural skills. 

Tailor Your Resume to the Volunteer Sector You Want 

Many volunteers wonder if they should tailor their resume to the exact country and position that they want or if they should submit a broader, more general resume. The best option is to tailor your resume to the volunteer sector you want, such as youth development, health, or English teaching, rather than create a country-specific resume. Although the new application system allows you to select your preferred country of service and apply directly, volunteers who list that they are willing to go anywhere as one of their top choices are easier to place, which can improve your chances of getting chosen. If you select this option, it is better to have a slightly more general resume that can apply to multiple countries. 

Have a Professional Look Over Your Resume 

Although a resume is a short document, it is important in the application process. A professional resume writer can help you cut out clutter and add more relevant keywords to your resume. This can help your resume get noticed among more general resumes. While it is a good idea to have a friend look over your resume, paying for professional resume writing services can make your resume even more powerful. 

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