Office Space Rental Ideas For Your Start-Up

Posted on: 21 July 2016


Office space is one of the recurring overhead costs that every business must cater for every month. For start-up companies, this cost can strain the minimal resources they have managed to acquire. Commercial property companies usually require you to sign a lease for a minimum period of years before they can rent out office space. This approach does not favor start-ups that do not have much capital at their disposal and are still hoping to grow. However, if you have a start-up business, you should not despair because there are creative ideas in the market that will help you in getting an ideal and cost-effective office space to rent. Some of these approaches are discussed below.

Coworking centers

One of the latest trends in terms of creative office rentals is coworking centers.  These centers are equipped with desks and all other utilities, such as Internet and bathroom facilities. You will be sharing this working space with people from numerous fields. The beauty with these coworking centers is that you can rent the space for hours, days, or months depending on your financial capability. This allows you to plan well and also reduces your rental overheads drastically. Coworking centers have become a hot trend among tech start-ups, freelancers, and professionals from the creative industry. Apart from the cost benefits, these works spaces allow professionals to mingle with others in the field and share ideas. Interacting with like-minded people can foster growth and collaboration among professionals. It is not difficult to find such centers because most of them advertise their services online.

Executive suites

Executive suites are another creative way of finding a cost-effective office rental for your start-up. These are fully furnished offices that are equipped with all the required amenities. The lease is usually on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that you do not sign a long-term agreement as is the case for normal rentals. You will not pay the security deposit, which requires a substantial amount of money. You will also save on the cost of contracting other essential utilities, such as Internet, telephone, and leasing equipment.

In the current competitive environment, start-ups must think outside the box when it comes to office rentals. They still need to portray a corporate image and at the same time minimize their overhead costs and direct the savings into growing the business. Coworking centers and executive suites discussed above are some ideal office rental options for start-up companies.  

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