Reasons To Buy A Silver Bracelet With A Toggle Clasp

Posted on: 18 January 2021


When you visit your local jewelry store to start shopping for a silver bracelet, the details that you'll notice right away will likely be the size, style, and price of each piece you look at. While the right combination of these things can play a pivotal role in determining which bracelet you buy, you should also look at different bracelets' clasp styles. One clasp style that you'll commonly notice on a lot of silver bracelets is what is known as a toggle clasp. A toggle has a loop and a bar. When you place the piece of jewelry onto your wrist, you slip the bar into the loop to hold the bracelet in place. Here are some reasons to buy a bracelet that has a toggle clasp.

It's Quick To Get On And Off

One of the things that many people enjoy about bracelets with toggle clasps is how quick they are to get on and off. If you're the type of person who enjoys wearing jewelry but is constantly rushing to get out of the house — either to work or perhaps to dinner engagements and other personal activities — you don't want to delay yourself by fumbling with a complicated bracelet clasp. You can slip the bar through the loop on your bracelet in an instant, which you may find appealing.

It Doesn't Require A Lot Of Finger Dexterity

It's useful to try a few bracelet clasps to notice which styles are easiest for your fingers. If you have large fingers, a toggle clasp can be a good choice because it's easy to operate. Similarly, if you have a condition such as arthritis that affects your ability to handle small objects, a toggle clasp shouldn't be too difficult for you to operate. Conversely, a lobster claw clasp may be difficult to get open when you're trying to take the bracelet off.

It Won't Pinch You

Because the toggle clasp on your silver bracelet goes together in a loose manner, you won't need to worry about it causing discomfort. Some types of clasps can potentially pinch your skin or pull the hair on your wrist. An open box clasp, for example, may occasionally result in either of these issues if the bracelet is tight against your skin.

Visit your local jewelry store to view different silver bracelets, and don't hesitate to ask to try on some different designs that have toggle clasps so that you can experience the above benefits.