Useful Installation Tips For New Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 8 April 2021


If you've purchased kitchen cabinets to renovate the kitchen in your home in an impactful way, you want to get their installation right. Then your investment will be worth everything you spent. These pro installation tips will really come in handy for this special type of setup.

Install Temporary Shelving to Support Weight of Cabinets 

If you don't have a lot of help getting the new kitchen cabinets in place, then you need a way to support the full weight of the cabinets while you secure them in place with the correct fasteners.

You'll have an easier time with this step if you set up temporary shelving just below the ideal placement for the new cabinets. You can set the cabinets on this shelving so that there is support while you drive screws or nails through the cabinets in the right areas. You don't have to support all of the weight yourself and then potentially injure yourself.

Utilize Filler Pieces for Left-Over Gaps 

Even if you gathered the right dimensions for the new kitchen cabinets, there could be some discrepancies that leave some gaps. That doesn't mean you have to ship these cabinets back and order a new set. You can simply take advantage of filler pieces.

They can be used to fill in gaps that are left over after this installation. You'll just need to make sure filler pieces look the same as the new cabinets you ordered so that there isn't anything off-putting about them. A lot of cabinet manufacturers will include filler materials just in case you run into this exact predicament. 

Ensure Mounting Hardware is Durable

If you want the new cabinets to stay in place after you get them into position around the kitchen, spend time ensuring the mounting hardware is as durable as possible. The hardware may come included with the new cabinets you buy, or you may have to purchase your own.

Just make sure they feature durable materials, which could include steel, titanium, and industrial stainless steel. The mounting hardware also should be specifically designed to support the full weight of your new cabinets. Then their durable nature will pay off, as you won't have to make future adjustments. 

There are a lot of beautiful cabinet styles and materials for kitchens today. If you're installing these structures yourself and don't want to face a bunch of issues along the way, look for quality installation materials and techniques that can reduce lifting effort.