Saving Money With LED Strip Lights In Your Home

Posted on: 29 June 2021


One of the best places to save money in your home is by reducing energy consumption, and adding some LED lighting can reduce that cost significantly. LED stip lights are a great option in many areas of the home, and they are not challenging to install. 

Strip Lights

There are a few different LED strip light kits on the market, and the most common of those are COB (chip on board) strip lights. These strip lights kits include the LED along the strip and a small electronic chip between the LEDs. The chip controls the LED when changing colors, intensity, or other aspects of the lighting allowed through the remote or an app. 

The strip light kits are available through many places, including home centers, electronics stores, and online retailers, so it is easy to find the right lights for your situation. When looking for LED strip light kits, steer clear of the ultra-low price kits because they often do not last very long. Instead, look for a good light kit with good reviews or one that is recommended by the store you are buying them in. 

Installing Strip Lights

When you are ready to install the strip lights in your home, you will need to decide where you will use them. For example, many people find that LED strip light kits are perfect for adding some undercabinet lighting in their home kitchen. The lights tuck up under the upper cabinets and provide a lot of illumination when working on the counter preparing food. However, they can be turned down, which means they create a soft glow in the kitchen at night when the rest of the lights are off. 

Strip light kits are also good options for lighting in closets that do not have traditional lights in them, in the bathroom under a cabinet to illuminate the sink area, or in just about any place that you have a space to hide the strip. 

Professional Installation

If you are considering installing LED strip light kits that are hard-wired into the electrical system in your home, you can hire an electrician to put them in for you. These light kits typically still use a wireless remote to control them, but the electrician can supply lights on a long continuous strip and install them as one long run if you need them to. 

If you want strip lights outside your home, like on a patio, you will need lights that are created for exterior use. The electrician can help you with those as well. Additionally, if you have an outdoor electrical receptacle, they can often wire them in there, so you do not need to drill holes in the house to have the soft glow of LED strip lights on your patio or outdoor space. To learn more about strip light kits, contact a supplier.