Tips For Companies Using Promotional Wall Calendars

Posted on: 4 August 2021


Using promotional products is a compelling way to market your company because everyone likes receiving something for free. If you plan on using wall calendars as a promotional tool, here are some tips that can help you succeed even without prior experience using them. 

Go with Audience-Appropriate Designs

If you weren't focused on using the right designs in your promotional wall calendars, then they may not resonate with the audience you're trying to reach. That can detract from your marketing effectiveness. A better strategy is to think like your target audience.

Then you can properly identify what they're into or would be interested in regarding your company. You'll be able to select audience-appropriate designs that give your wall calendars a cohesive visual effect. That's an impactful way to generate excitement and get people to actually put your promotional calendars on their walls.

Include Promotional Pens as Well

A lot of people that use wall calendars end up writing on them. It might be to mark off important dates or include notes that they need to remember for a certain day of the week. Your company should support this writing activity by including promotional pens with your wall calendars.

This pairing will work out nicely in that it improves the odds of recipients actually using your wall calendars in their daily lives. That can keep your promotional campaigns going strong as these wall calendars end up serving a practical role for people that you give them to.

Consider Upping the Size

Now there certainly will be people that favor smaller calendars over larger ones because they can take them with them on the go. However, considering you plan on giving out promotional calendars going on walls that will probably be written on, you should consider upping the size.

Larger calendars will be easier to see on walls and also be much easier to write on. People that receive your promotional wall calendars will have plenty of room to jot down notes and even personalize their wall calendars how they see fit. Just make sure you account for the extra costs that come with larger wall calendars.

Promotional wall calendars have worked for a lot of companies that have new ideas or just opened for business. If you want to see effective marketing results with them, make sure you carefully plan how they're designed. Every detail matters for creating wall calendars that end up being used by a target audience. Reach out to a professional who provides custom imprinted wall calendars