Things A Professional Will Consider When Determining Where Your Water Well Should Be Drilled

Posted on: 17 March 2022


If you are planning on having a water well drilled on your property, then you will probably work with a professional on the project. They can help you with determining where your water well should go and how deep it should be. If you're wondering what a professional will consider when determining where your water well should be drilled, these are all things that they will think about before finally suggesting precisely where your water well should be drilled.

Where Are the Utility Lines?

First of all, a professional will need to check where the utility lines are located on your property. After all, they will not want to start drilling for a water well in an area where cable lines, water lines, or electrical lines are located. They might have their own equipment to check for utility lines, or they might enlist an outside service to help them with it.

How High is the Water Table?

You might assume that your well will have to be dug to a similar depth no matter where it's installed on your property. However, this is not necessarily the case. The water table might be significantly higher in certain areas of your property than in others. You'll want to have your well installed in an area where the water table is higher; this is helpful because it can keep the cost of your well installation down since your well won't have to be as deep. Plus, it can help you ensure that you have a good, reliable supply of water once your well is installed. A professional can check different locations of your yard to find a spot with a higher water table.

Where is a Convenient Spot for It?

Of course, you'll want your water well to be in a convenient spot on your property so that it isn't in the way of your landscaping or other things that you use your property for. A professional will look at your property and talk to you about how you use your yard to determine the best placement of your water well.

What Are the Local Requirements?

In many places, there are laws in place about where water wells can be drilled. Your water well might have to be drilled a certain distance from your property lines, for example. There might be environmental requirements that have to be kept in mind too. Naturally, any reputable professional who is helping with a water well installation should keep these local requirements in mind when installing your water well. 

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