When Do You Need A Temporary Tag For Your Vehicle?

Posted on: 6 May 2022


Temporary tags are suitable in a variety of situations. If you own a vehicle, you may need a temporary tag or license plate in a number of situations. Often, these temporary tags are used when you are waiting for your new tags to arrive. So, why might you get a temporary tag? The following are situations in which you might be waiting for your license plate or tags.

You Changed States

Have you recently moved to a new state? You definitely need to register your car again, but you may also need to wait for a tag to arrive. When your registration is still in the works, you need to have some sort of identification in the meantime. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, tags are essential to demonstrate that you've taken the initial steps to register it.

When you move to a new state, it is important that you register within the designated time frame to avoid having to pay more fees. You may face a penalty if you do not get the right tags soon enough, and this can be a costly error.

You Just Bought a Vehicle

If you recently bought a vehicle from a lot, you may need a temporary plate until the vehicle is registered. This process is different based on where you live and where you purchase your car. For instance, you might not need a new tag if you buy a car from the former owner. Each case is different, so it is better to check with your local department.

You Are Waiting for an Inspection

If you have yet to register your vehicle and you still need to get an inspection, temporary tags are a good option so that you can avoid legal troubles. You will also need temporary tags even if your vehicle was deemed unsafe to drive on the road, but you have made changes that will allow it to be safe to drive. Your car has to have some sort of tag if you take it on the road.

Get Your Temporary Tags Today

Temp tags are important because they prevent you from getting a ticket while you are waiting for your tags to arrive. When you get temporary tags, you ensure that your vehicle can be identified easily and is not at risk for a number of difficult situations that could arise if your vehicle's tags are not visible.