Two Copier Problems That You Need To Address

Posted on: 3 July 2016

The office copier is central to operations in many workplaces, perhaps more so these days where it may also play double duty as the office printer. Issues like frequent paper jams and low ink warnings may seem like routine problems, but they could be indicating a major maintenance lapse. The following guide will help you better understand these issues and what you should do to prevent them. Paper jams Jams are perhaps one of the most common complaints with a copier, and many people think it is just something one must expect and deal with.
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3 Tips To Make Your Peace Corps Resume More Competitive

Posted on: 14 June 2016

Peace Corps applications are at a record high, with over 23,000 people applying in 2015. While this is great for the program, it can mean that qualified volunteers get turned away due to the increased interest in the program. If one of your dreams is to join the Peace Corps, it is important that you stand out as a candidate from the moment you submit your application. While experience and education are important, the way you display your past experience will also determine whether you secure an interview and a volunteer position.
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4 Reasons You Should Use Self Storage For Your College Dorm Room

Posted on: 26 May 2016

If you are cleaning up and packing your college dorm room, instead of lugging all the boxes back to your parent's house, you should put them into a self-storage unit near your college campus. Here are four great reasons why self-storage is the best way to store your dorm room belongings over the summertime. #1 Great Way To Keep Your Belongings Safe The best reason to use a self-storage unit to store your dorm room belongings is because it is a great way to keep your things safe while you are away for the summer.
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Remove Coffee Stains From A Velvet Lounge Chair

Posted on: 6 May 2016

A velvet lounge chair can be restored to its original condition if it has coffee stains on its surface by completing the project below. Once the fabric has been treated, prevent it from becoming soiled again so that it continues to provide you with a comfortable and attractive spot to sit. Materials lint-free cloths cleaning solution (made with dish detergent, white vinegar, and water) spray bottle soft-bristled scrub brush dry cleaning solvent hairdryer  Treat The Stains With A Homemade Cleaning Solution
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